Why the title “What’s on the radar today”?

I started out in the micro-computers back in 1975 and from that background I took up using the internet fairly early after its introduction. Now I seem to have had the ability to find useful information out there on the net, along with useful websites which have in the past led me to either the new or lesser well known wood working tools. Over time this information has not only helped my business but apparently also friends and customers, so I am told.

So now in retirement I have more time to research my interests, the diverse list of subjects is shown below, and they will be my blog subjects.

  • The Royal Air Force because in the 1960’s it provided me with an excellent electronics education, specifically ground radar systems, which feed through to much of my subsequent employment whilst it also instilled self-esteem and was character building.
  • The military in general because I come from a service family with connections to all three branches. As my father was a submariner for 23 years so Royal Navy submarines of the period 1935 to 1955 are of particular interest. Aviation is another area with particularly British & German aviation from 1935 through to 1945.
  • I do enjoy woodturning although I am only an intermediate level turner at best. General woodworking I enjoy but tend to do less of it these days.
  • Whilst I am not an artist I do however love watercolour & acrylic painting and hope to take it up some time soon.
  • Food is something I enjoy although my culinary limits are making a good cup of tea, burning the toast and the very occasional omelette whilst watching the less commercial of the television chefs.
  • Now I just love a good book, modern fiction and nonfiction books, there is much to choose from and recommend and the internet increases that enjoyment through the ability to research items one has read about.
  • Music, from military and brass band, modern jazz, traditional jazz, musicals, opera and the popular music from the 1930’s through to 1970’s and from there it goes downhill in my opinion.
  • As I was born in Hampshire the railways of southern England 1940 through to 1960, both full size and OO gauge models, are of more than a passing interest.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier I am from what is euphemistically called a military family. So by way of this blog, and including the use of my former business contacts, I will endeavour to promote support and hopefully funding for Help for Heroes, especially their four Recovery Centres across the UK. So if you have any surplus woodworking tools or machinery then please contact me so we can see if it is suitable and then arrange collection.

So please feel free to sign up to “What’s on the radar today” because I can promise you, well hopefully, some interesting stuff! Likewise please take a look at some of the blogs that I follow.


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